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Kyle and Kelly



Here is just some of what others are saying about our products.

It is one thing for me to believe in the products I create and sell. However, I want you the customer to hear what others are saying about the products they have purchased. read below just a sampling of the many letters and emails i have received.

"Kyle Peron's book, Blue & Gold, should be on the shelf of every serious family entertainer. There is nothing on the market today that shows how to successfully work this market.  Kyle has filled that void with a book that explains everything you need to know in rich detail with real life examples.  Plus, the lessons learned in the book can be applied to other markets as well.  Highly recommended."

Jim Snack
Magician and Motivational Speaker

“Kyle Peron's Blue and Gold handbook leaves no stone unturned for those wishing to enter the Blue & Gold market. Kyle even shares his lead generation and follow up letters in this content-rich, fluff-free book. Even if you've been in the market a while, there's information you need here - Scout's honor!”

Tim Sonefelt

“You covered everything a person would want to know from the business side to what effects play well. You left no stone unturned. This is definitely a book every magician who wants to start or even performs in this market will want to get. This book is what I consider the 'real' magic of show business. As we professionals are well aware, show business is 90% show and 10%
business. Your book covers the business side of getting work in the Scout Market 110%!! This is without a doubt, a gold mine for magicians. Thank you so much for sharing it with the magic fraternity.”

Paul Romhany
Professional Magician

“I will implement Kyle's ideas and get more Scout shows. Nothing is left out in this must-have book of Scout magic. Kyle has presented a very organized and thorough manual for family entertainers to break into this market. Never fear Scout Shows again with the aid of Mr. Peron's "Blue and Gold: The Entertainer’s Complete Guide to Working the Scout Market.”

Mark Weidhaas

"This book will give you the information you need to succeed in the Cub Scout market.  I wished I had this book when I first started doing Cub Scout shows.  100% recommended!"

Ken Scott
Professional Children's Entertainer

"Thanks, Kyle! I also got your ebook. It is simply GREAT!"


"Thank you for all your input and book on the Chair Suspension! I was debating on several illusions and you convinced me. I would definitely buy Kyle's ebook on the chair (suspension)before you make your decision."

Children's Entertaine

"I can second Kyle's Chair Suspension book. Very informative, and even after performing the effect for ages, there was still a LOT to be learned from the book."

Mark Daniel

"I just want to mention that Kyle's e-book is great. If you are thinking about the chair suspension, get it."

James D.
Family Entertainer

"After reading Kyle's E-book I would recommend that you purchase the Chair Suspension. The E-book is really filled with a lot of information. I suggest that you get the E-book and make a decision for yourself."

Michael W.

"I also want to say that Kyle's ebook is a great asset to have."

Steven T.

"P.S. Thanks for sending me a copy of the e-book. One of the main concerns I had with the chair suspension was ensuring that it was balanced properly, etc. so it wouldn't tip over. You addressed that issue quite thoroughly."

Robert P.
Magician and Illusionist

"I would like to also thank you for sharing your E-Book on the Chair Suspension with me too! You seem to have covered every detail for anyone interested in this great effect!"

Wayne Brockway

"Thank you for the e-book Kyle. I found a lot of very important safety tips that apply to the Flying Carpet as well as important tips on how to engage the audience.

Very helpful. Thanks."

Mike Raffone
Magician and Entertainer

"You did an awesome job. I don’t know how many times you've done the lecture, but it came off super professional and polished. I especially like the exercises you did with improvisation. They really illustrated your point and they were so much fun to watch. Are you doing the lecture anywhere else? "

Josh Norris
President of Interactive Magic

"I just got home from my SAM Assembly meeting here in Maryland and we had the good fortune to host a great lecture on creativity by Kyle Peron. Kyle presented a well-paced, very informative, humorous lecture and his passion for magic really showed. Kyle had us do some very funny improv exercises that illustrated his points about creative thinking and thinking on your feet when needed, and also shared some of his material from his family shows. It was an evening well spent and I hope others will get the chance to attend one of their lectures in the future. The encore ebook is is packed with great information taken directly from this lecture and i found it so valuable to me."

Assembly 141 Member

"The Encore ebook from Kyle is not very expensive, but it gives wonderful ideas on how to be creative very quickly in the art of presentation, using you existing act to get it on a higher level, and much more. Very well written with a lot of real world exemples as well."

Review from the Magic Cafe

"Thanks to you. Your e-book has just opened another door to me to make magic more creative and so, more entertaining.
I wish I would have the possibility to see your whole lecture and participate in your workshop. The good thing about your
e-book is, that you give to everyone who's hasn't a lot of money something to work with. And your examples are no

James M.

"Well I finally finished your e-book and I must say wow!!!!!

I was charged up by all the new things I learned and re-charged by the reading about the things I knew. I really enjoyed the Learning To See section of the book because that has been something I have been working on personally. I believe you really broke down the brainstorming process so anyone can employ it. I personally find taking long walks and going to the child like place where anything is possible. I just imagine myself on stage doing real magic and sometimes out of that I get an idea. See for me the idea is the hard part but engineered a gimmick to make that idea real is the easy part.

You also talk about not reading the directions or viewing all those videos and  I cant agree more. I once attended a lecture with Jonathan Pendragon and he talked about not be free creatively till he trashed all his videos of other magicians. He went on to say as magicians we tend to play and re-play videos of other magicians thus programming our subconscious mind. No wonder we cant think outside the box, we cant see what's beyond it. After the lecture I trashed all mine as well.

Again, great job on the book and thank you for sharing your ideas with me.

Lance Richardson