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Kyle and Kelly



Frequently Asked Questions
Here are just some of the most asked questions and answers to them.

It is important to me that customer service is top-notch. I want to make sure that every person has the information they need before making any purchase of any of my products. I hope that some of the questions here may be of help.

If there is a question that you have and you do not see it here, PLEASE feel free to email me directly by clicking my email link and sending me a direct email. I will be happy to get back in touch with you.

How soon will I receive my product?

Every product is perosonally handled by myself. Because of this, I promise that every single order (ebooks) will be sent to you within 24 hours. In most cases, your order will be sent directly to you within less then an hour of the purchase.

The reason I do not automate this is that I believe in personalizing every email I send out. If I can give you additional information or advice, I will do so for you.

What other services do you offer?

I also have a full lecture and workshop on creativity that I provide to any magic club or any organization that wants to learn how to be better creative thinkers. The lecture is called "Encore! Creativity in the Art of Magic". If you are intersted in more information, please just let me know. I would be happy to share that with you.

I also offer consulting services to anyone who asks it of me. If i can help assist you with your marketing or creativity, please let me know. i appreciate helping those who want to help themselves.

I am also a professional graphic designer and illustrator and do provide these services to many entertainers around the world.

Will you be carrying other people's products?

Yes. I will be working with others to include their products on my site. However, these products will be only those I feel strongly will help you as an entertainer. Each will be evaluated before anything gets placed on the site. if you have a product that you might like me to carry on my site, please email here by clicking on my email link.

Will you have new products being released?

Yes. I am always working on new products and product releases. I have a lot of great ideas in the works for 2011 and beyond so please stay tuned to the site as i will post these new products and information as they become available.