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NEW - Festival Magic - Book and E-book
The entertainers complete guide to working the festival market.

This 110+ page book is jammed full of the most relevant information you could
ever ask for in regards to working not only festivals, but also how to work any festival or fair event. This is one of the ONLY books that is devoted solely to giving YOU the information you need to work a market that can generate substantial income for you year round.

If you are already performing for children, work a family-focused show or if you are
even a strolling magician, then festivals are a perfect extension of what you are already doing. You can learn to work them well with simply modifying your current show and having an understanding of how to market effectively to them. This is what Kyle gives to you and SO much more.

This book teaches you not only how to understand the festival market, but also
answers questions that festivals are specifically looking for in an entertainer. It
shows you step-by-step techniques on exactly how to market to festivals to land
the gigs you want to be doing. Kyle also gives you his full lead generation letter,
follow-up letters and full templates that he has used for years to handle all aspects of
communication and marketing.

After countless hours of research and direct applied experience, Kyle realized that
information on working festival programs was scarce at best. For this reason Kyle
spent years compiling the information contained within the 110+ pages of this book.
Topics such as:

  • Why go into this market
  • The fair and festival difference
  • The types of festivals
  • What festivals look for
  • Festival myths
  • When do festivals book performers
  • Your income potential
  • Your promotional materials
  • The sales letter
  • Your festival website
  • Your festival show content
  • Illusions for festivals
  • Sound systems and tech. support
  • Your festival supplies
  • Your travel distance
  • Generating leads
  • Checking out your local festivals
  • Parks and Recreation/Chambers of Commerce
  • When to market
  • The marketing process
  • The art of cold calling
  • All about databases
  • Agents and agencies
  • Performance contracts
  • Liability Insurance
  • When a festival has a low budget
  • Avoiding being late or getting lost
  • Working with the weather
  • Performance staging
  • Loading and unloading
  • Performance attire
  • Performance location
  • Setting the stage
  • Working with certain props
  • Managing show times
  • Managing audiences
  • Do's and Dont's of etiquette
  • Assistants
  • Crowd warm up
  • The art of the bally-hoo
  • The free ticket approach
  • Terms and conditions
  • Online community calendars
  • Festivals and publicity
  • Festivals and networking
  • Radio and media interviews
  • Festival parades
  • Coloring contest
  • Back of room sales
  • Letters of reference
  • Keeping cost low
  • Taking notes
  • Listen to the audience
  • Strolling magic
  • Appendix
  • And much, much more inside.

Take your magic to a new level by learning the tips and techniques to work the festival market and to really excel at it by giving the festivals a perfect solution they are looking for. This book tells you how. If you want to learn all there is to know about festivals and how to work them year round, then this book is simply a MUST!



Here is what many folks are ALREADY saying about “Festival Magic!”

"I put this right up there with Nick Lewin's Cruise ship book. It takes Pro's to write these time saving informative books to help shorten the learning curve and get you out there working. A must buy not just for magicians but for any variety act looking for this type of work!"

Michael Finney,
2009 World Magic Comedy Act of the Year

"A thorough treatise on the ins-and-outs of performing in a lucrative market, written by someone that has obviously "been there, done that" and is willing to share his years of experience.  No question - everything you need to know about breaking into and being successful in the festival market is covered in detail in the pages of this book.  In a word... excellent!"

John Kaplan,
Creator of the Fundraising Magic system

“This book offers an amazing opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of a niche market. Festival Magic will be worth thousands of dollars to any performer willing to study, adapt, and apply Kyle's advice. If you are looking for a new market and want to save yourself years of trial and error, buy this book!”

Sammy Smith
Author of Big Laughs for Little People

“OMG - this book contains every piece of information ANY PERFORMER could need who wants to break in to the Festival Market. Everything is covered from what to say on the website to contracts and even how to handle interviews. This book is a GOLD MINE for performers. It makes we want to get back in to that market again!!”

Paul Romhany
Editor VANISH - International Magic Magazine

“Kyle Peron does NOTHING half way. His newest book on working festivals and fairs is comprehensive and in-depth. That being said, his easy-to-read style helps you breeze right through and comprehend this great info. If I were going to work in this market, Kyle's book is where I'd start. However, much of this information will benefit those working in even other markets."

Tim Sonofelt

“Kyle has written another amazing book about a market that he knows a lot about. If you have every wanted to get into the festival market, this book is a MUST have. Kyle leaves nothing out and gives you every detail you will need to get into a fun market."

Ken Scott