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Chair Suspension ebook

Kyle is offering this new book as an e-book download for your library.

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Chair Suspension - E-book
Tips and techniques on the performance and usage of the illusion.

This 15 page e-book is jammed full of information, tips on presentation, safety, routine ideas as well as step by step coverage of the best way to perform this illusion. This is one of the only books in the history of magic devoted solely to helpful information on the performance of this classic illusion.

Find out how to add this illusion to any show and to add value to your client in the process. This illusion has been a classic of magic and can add tremendous value to your show at a fraction of the cost of some of the larger illusions out on the market today. It can be set up quickly and transported with ease but always amazes audiences of all ages.

After countless efforts to try and locate information on this illusion, Kyle realized that the information just did not exist or was very scarce at best. For this reason Kyle spent countless hours compiling information covered in this e-book. Find out topics such as::

  • Why Perform the chair suspension
  • The basic effect of the illusion
  • What to look for when you are purchasing
  • Chair suspension vs. flying carpet
  • Understanding the dangers of performance
  • Safety tips and check list
  • Items to discuss with a client
  • Proper positioning
  • Child vs. adult helper
  • How to perform completely surrounded
  • Plus a golden secret on how you can add immediate increased value to your show that will make any child the star of the show and you a hit with the client
  • And much, much more inside.

If you own the chair suspension or are even thinking about getting one, this E-Book is a MUST!



Here is what many folks are ALREADY saying about “Notes and Tips on Performing and Presenting the Chair Suspension ”

"Thanks, Kyle! I also got your ebook. It is simply GREAT!"


"Thank you for all your input and book on the Chair Suspension! I was debating on several illusions and you convinced me. I would definitely buy Kyle's ebook on the chair (suspension)before you make your decision."

Children's Entertaine

"I can second Kyle's Chair Suspension book. Very informative, and even after performing the effect for ages, there was still a LOT to be learned from the book."

Mark Daniel

"I just want to mention that Kyle's e-book is great. If you are thinking about the chair suspension, get it."

James D.
Family Entertainer

"After reading Kyle's E-book I would recommend that you purchase the Chair Suspension. The E-book is really filled with a lot of information. I suggest that you get the E-book and make a decision for yourself."

Michael W.

"I also want to say that Kyle's ebook is a great asset to have."

Steven T.

"P.S. Thanks for sending me a copy of the e-book. One of the main concerns I had with the chair suspension was ensuring that it was balanced properly, etc. so it wouldn't tip over. You addressed that issue quite thoroughly."

Robert P.
Magician and Illusionist

"I would like to also thank you for sharing your E-Book on the Chair Suspension with me too! You seem to have covered every detail for anyone interested in this great effect!"

Wayne Brockway

"Thank you for the e-book Kyle. I found a lot of very important safety tips that apply to the Flying Carpet as well as important tips on how to engage the audience.

Very helpful. Thanks."

Mike Raffone
Magician and Entertainer